You're welcome to 080 STORE, which is one of the online businesses being managed by Cerebral Dynamic Investment Limited.

We're happy that you're on this page because we want you to co-own this business with us.

We therefore oblige you to read on with a view to understanding what 080 STORE and your Co-ownership entails in details.

What is 080 Store?

It is a talk business and since people must talk, then talk business has globally proven to be stupendously lucrative. 

No wonder, according to statistics, Nigerians spent over three trillion naira (N3.2t) on airtime alone in the year 2017. 

Everybody needs airtime to make telephone calls and data bundle to surf the internet which they can now buy on 080STORE.com.

We satisfactorily provide Airtime and Data Bundle for over 700 Networks globally. Thus, 080STORE.com is an international business!

At 080STORE.com, members and customers alike can send targeted messages using unique-sender-address to targeted audience. This is called customized bulk sms which has unarguably remain one of the best marketing tools to promote one’s business or any agenda; and to serve our customers further, we provide Active GSM Phone Numbers Database in Nigeria classified by Gender, Location and Local Government Area. This is available for Nigeria customers who may want to use such for direct marketing or campaign via customised bulk sms. 

Conclusively 080 Store is about a lifestyle business, a telecommunication business, which always proved lucrative in the long-run.

Let me briefly explain what the business is all about:

It is an online telecom business that offers the following services:

Services that are Active NOW

  • Selling of Airtime for over 700 Networks globally.
  • Selling of Data Bundle for over 700 Networks globally.
  • Bulk SMS sending centre. This service allows customers to send customized bulk sms to active GSM numbers as marketing for business, as means to announce burial date, wedding date, political campaign rally etc.

Services to be added SOON

  • Portal for Bills payment especially Electricity, GoTv, DsTv.
  • Online vendors for sales of Phone and Phones accessories.

What is 080 Store Co-ownership Offer? (Note, this is the main reason you're directed to this page).

We specifically built talk business, called 080STORE.com, for you to start earning serious residual income from. That sounds great, right? Definitely, an idea that centres on making extra money is worthily great and should command your attention! You are probably yearning now to know how 080STORE.com is built as residual income for you. And here is how…

We specifically launched 080 STORE with the intention that it will be co-owned by some one thousand (1000) people; such that 90% of net profits at any point in time shall be shared among these 1000 people, the would-be co-owners, while Cerebral Dynamic Investment Limited, as initiator-cum-administrator, takes 10% for managerial task and running cost.

So the offer is simple: you register as a partner, then you can legitimately lay claim as co-owner of 080 STORE.

But why must you consider this offer and register as Partner?

I will highlight five reasons why you must quickly register as Partner;

1. The business is bound to be successful because it is talk business. It is about lifestyle as explained earlier, so you can be sure that the business will garner its loyal customers following our combined and consistent marketing push. Needless to say, the 1000 would-be co-owners shall be customers too after-all they would be wise enough to patronize business they own. More importantly, we have not only Nigeria but global market to transact our business which portends great profit potential.

2. The task involved as a partner is very simple. As instructed by the administrator, you will be given maximum of three tasks in a week that only has to do with liking, commenting and sharing of contents on FACEBOOK and WHATSAPP. These are the things we do for fun daily on facebook and whatsapp, the only difference now is that you’re doing it to promote a business that will get you paid as partner. In fact you’re doing it for your business.

3. As a registered partner, your dashboard on 080STORE.com will show three additional features namely: Inbox, Earning, and Withdrawal as highlighted below

Inbox: This is where you shall be reading update about the business with regards to your weekly online task, newsletters, statement of accounts and other vital information as it concerns 080 STORE.

Earning: This is where your earnings from the shared profit shall be credited for you to access. It is equally important to note that these two criteria shall be used in profits sharing

  • Profits shall be shared on quarterly basis, which is March, June, September, and December of every year.
  • Profits shall be shared among partners in the ratio of amount invested by each partner.

Withdrawal: This is where you will easily withdraw your earnings to your bank account and get credited within 24 hours.

4. Though 080 STORE is launched as a bulk sms website, yet the vision is bigger than that. The vision is to expand to other areas of talk business especially in the area of phones and accessories. Thus as we grow, we shall venture into e-commerce for the sales of phones and accessories. Interestingly, we already mapped-out unique strategies to carve-out our niche in that seemingly already saturated market as we do not plan to compete with any company but to be competed with. This ultimately means stable and unquantifiable residual income for every Partner.

5. The cost of registration to become a partner is pretty affordable because it's pegged at any amount you could afford. 

Wouldn’t You Register to Ride Along with Us on this Promising Business Voyage? We believe you should because that is the only wise thing to do in the face of this golden opportunity to be an online business owner at just N2,000 only. Remember that financial success belongs to those who have foresight to identify opportunities and take action on them. Here is such opportunity to build up your stream of income with just N2,000 only.

PS: As you click on REGISTER NOW button below, you'll be re-directed to another website dedicated to registration of co-owners where you'll do your registration and invest whatever amount you could afford. It's the same website where you'll have access to your co-ownership dashboard after a successful registration. 

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